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The Teaching Enhancement Unit are inviting individual faculty or module/programme teams to submit case studies highlighting their strategies, practices and achievements in promoting best practice in teaching, learning and assessment.

The Teaching Enhancement Unit in DCU aims to foster excellence in practice through leadership in teaching, the provision of professional development opportunities for staff, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Teaching Enhancement Unit is currently involved in a number of projects which seek to enhance the quality of teaching and learning; informed by research, supported by policies, and helping to develop mechanisms and tools across higher education institutions. aims to celebrate teaching, learning and assessment practices with all higher educators in an effort to disseminate the work we do across our institutions.

What type of cases are we looking for?

We are inviting individual faculty or module/programme teams to submit case studies highlighting their strategies, practices and achievements in teaching, learning and/or assessment. The types of case studies which have been showcased include, for example:

Teaching practices which adopt a scaffolded approach to learning;

Development of strategies to allow for timely and useful feedback for learners;

Assessment design that supports student’s creativity, problem-solving and reflection

Authentic assessments which reflect current and contemporary practices to promote academic integrity

Designing assessments which support student learning through provision of detailed guidance (e.g. assessments brief/rubrics) which promote academic integrity

Innovative professional development initiatives to overcome a teaching, learning/assessment problem you have faced

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Step 1:

Get in touch

Contact us at in the TEU, who will support you through the steps of creating a case study.

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Step 2:

Share your idea

Develop a short abstract of your teaching, learning/ assessment practice. Abstracts should contain: A short description of the context (i.e. programme, module, level i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate); a description of the teaching, learning or assessment intervention; an appraisal of how the intervention worked for you, any obstacles encountered or lessons learned which would help other lecturers in future.

Design your Case Study - BetterLecturers DCU

Step 3:

Design your Case Study

We will share a templates and offer supports to you in order to develop your case study and work with you to create a supporting video or audio piece to illuminate your work.

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Step 4:

Share your Practice

Publish your case study on Loop Reflect, or Professional Portfolio. Share your work with colleagues, students and present at conferences. The final version of the case study and supporting resources will be designed and published on and used by the TEU to promote best practice.

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